Click2Emails Anti-Spam policy only permits our customers to send to their own direct contacts with which they have pre-existing relationships. We do not permit the use of purchased, rented, harvested, appended, or third-party lists with our service. If you do not have your own list(s) of those who have a direct existing relationship, we wouldn't be the service for you. Regrettably, we cannot accept business from any company or individual with emailing practices that would create a negative delivery reputation for Click2Emails. We also cannot accept companies and or individual in industry known for receiving a high volume of SPAM complaints. This includes, but is not limited to the following mass mailer industries:

 The following industries are taken under special limitations and requirements:

If you have questions about whether you qualify, please contact us.You undertake to comply (i) with all applicable laws that govern marketing email, including without limitation, CAN-SPAM Act  and all other anti-spam laws and, in particular, You acknowledge that you have been informed that in the event of breach of the provisions of this Anti-Spam Policy, in particular if e-mails are sent to recipients who did not specifically ask to receive such e-mails or if We receive an unusual number of complaints, We shall be entitled to terminate your subscription and/or close the master account or any associated sub-account, in which case you shall not be entitled to claim any refund or compensation. Some internet service providers (“ISP”) may suspend the routing of e-mails from certain addresses if they detect or suspect any dishonest or illegal behavior (“blacklisting”). If your account is blacklisted by an ISP, We shall use commercially reasonable efforts to attempt to reestablish communication with such ISP, and you agree to pay for services we may be required to perform for this purpose.

What is NOT Spam

An email message is NOT spam if the recipient in any way requested email be sent to them from the sender or the sender's organization.

Anytime an organization sends a mass email message to one of its customers, it is NOT spam provided that the organization offers a way for the customer to opt-out of future mailings and     that the customer did not previously opt-out.

An email message is NOT spam when sent to recipients who agreed to receive information or promotions from a partner organization (as long as there is a clear opt-out option).

Any customer that sends spam is in violation of this Anti-Spam policy.

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