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We believe in emailing... without the baggage. That's why we created Click2Emails (whose parent company is Orange Buds Web Solutions Registered with Register of Firms, West Bengal (India) under Registration Number-L82281 and Click2Emails is just Marketing/Brand Name), to help build simple emails experiences with a powerful impact. Bring your Email Marketing and Development teams together on one platform to build, send and optimize bulk emails campaigns. Apart from Bulk Emailing panel, we are also dealing into SMTP Email Server. We were operational with many e-commerce sites, helping them develop their business in various aspects, it was then we came across plenty of clients who were experiencing serious hassles while dealing with email marketing wing in their business, ultimately resulting in great loss. Thus, to shape up this sector more flawlessly we emerged with Click2Emails. This is one-stop-solution to all your emailing problems which you are going through. Experts studied the tribulations in the email marketing sector experienced by our clients and devised SMTP Email Server which can be assembled as per client’s requirement and budget. Click2Emails is the weaver of the perfect and cost-efficient solution for your emailing needs. With Click2Emails by your side, you can keep aside the problem of changing the server set-up for the outgoing email server. It also offers trouble-free mailing services to the users of laptop and Smartphone while traveling at pocket-friendly rates.

MEET THE CREW : We are a passionate group of individuals hustling to make sure your emails land in the inbox and you have the best new tools to build these campaigns. We challenge each other to learn, question and innovate, and our team is committed to serving our customers the best way possible. We fight spam for a living and are always researching new ways to deliver relevant content to break through the inbox.

TRANSPARENCY : We value open communication and honest feedback. Sometimes design ideas come from a conversation the Sales team had with a customer. Other times, the Marketing team will pitch new features.

DIVERSITY : We are globally diversifying and delivering our services with a motto to serve our clients with best products and services available.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP : At Click2Emails, dive in and be part of the team . You'll be able to own your role and drive your own path of growth.

WORK HARD, PLAY HARD : We encourage our team members to take time to pursue their passions outside of work, because inspiration comes in many forms. The best way to innovate is to seek new experiences. We also hold regular after work happy hours, team outings and internal competitions.

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Promotional Email

Promotional Email Solutions Reliable & Effective Email Marketing Solutions With Our Cloud/SMTP Server Based Email Delivery. Your email marketing campaign is one of the most valuable tools for connecting with existing and new customers. Being a marketing expert, you deserve an email delivery service which is reliable and trustworthy. SMTP offers you easy- to-use solutions with the best email deliverability, scalability and reliability.

Transactional Email

Reliable And Flexible Transactional Email Delivery Which You Can Implement Easily. You always need a smart and efficient mode to interact with your customers, whether you are designing apps for mobile or the web. Email is still one of the most valuable communication forms for connecting with your customers. However, developing and sustaining an SMTP infrastructure on your own can be expensive and challenging.

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100 Emails Per Signup
SMTP Credential
Shared IP
25,000 Emails/Month
Daily Sending Speed : 6K
Shared IP
50,000 Emails/Month
Daily Sending Speed : 10K
Shared IP
1,00,000 Emails/Month
Daily Sending Speed : 15K
Dedicated IP
5,00,000 Emails/Month
Daily Sending Speed : 10K
Shared IP
10,00,000 Emails/Month
Daily Sending Speed : 30K-40K
Rotational IPs

Note :- For customize plans and high-end server speed get in touch with our support executive team at "support@click2emails.com", Bulk Email/SMTP Server speed varies with different plans

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India -    Address : 8A, Guripara Road Kolkata-700015, West Bengal ,                  India,   Mon-Sat (10 AM to 6 PM IST)